All show entries including Sweepstakes/Futurity/Maturity/Obedience/Rally and Agility will go to ErieK9events,

We highly  suggest you use their On Line entry service to ensure entry!  

When entering the 2020 Sweepstakes, Futurity and Maturity double check the entry dates to ensure your dog is within those age groups.

Field Trial and Hunting Test entries are mailed to Secretary listed in that premium list

Field Futurity premium list will be sent to properly nominated dogs by the Field Futurity Chairman

The links below will take you directly to the premium lists and will be in YELLOW when available for viewing.  Just click on the event you wish to see 

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National Specialty, Regional Specialty, Sweepstakes, Obedience, Rally and special events Premium List

Fort Detroit Premium List

Field Trial Premium List

Hunting Test Premium List

Call for Volunteers

*Each position hours will vary and can work with people's schedule.


Ring Stewart

  1.  2020 Sweeps - Volunteer

  2. 2020 Specialty - Volunteer

  3. Ft Detroit Sweeps/Specialty - Volunteer

  4. 2021 Specialty - Volunteer



Ring Helpers

  1. All Breed Stewart - Volunteer

  2.  All Breed Ring Set-up - Volunteer, Volunteer

  3.  2020 Stewart - Volunteer

  4. 2020 Ring Set-up - Volunteer, Volunteer

  5. 2021 Stewart - Volunteer

  6. 2021 Ring Set up - Volunteer

General Help

General Areas

  1.   Ring Decorations/ Decor - Volunteer, Volunteer

  2.  Set-up Crew - Volunteer, Volunteer, Volunteer

  3.  Catalog Sales - Volunteer 

  4.  Auction Set-up - Volunteer, Volunteer, Volunteer

  5. Clean up crew - Everyone, Volunteer, Volunteer